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The following are reputable websites featuring the current research in dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, other disabilities, and special education law. The sites listed herein will provide reliable, valid information offered by recognized experts in the field.

Visit the sites below and search the topics you need. If you have questions, the staff members at Learning & Behavior Specialists, LLC will be glad to consult with you. We update Facebook frequently with trending articles regarding education across the country:
LDA is the most highly regarded organization for Learning Disabilities in the world.
CHADD is the leading organization for AD/HD.
Council for Exceptional Children is an established authority on the broad spectrum of special education issues.
One of our favorites: The What Works Clearinghouse, which evaluates research on instructional programs. Find out if the program your school or tutor is using has been rejected or approved to date.
This is the website detailing special education laws/recent litigation.
This website is for the VA Dept. of Education.
This is our website that links to information on the PACE program.
National Center for Learning Disabilities
International Dyslexia Association

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