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Striving Students Succeed Here!

Our specialty is helping every type of learner succeed. We know that every student is unique, and no two students learn the same way. Our expertise allows us to use a variety of strategies and tools to help students thrive—no matter their ages or learning styles. We have a history of helping students make great gains through our award-winning tutoring, and we are proud to bring highly respected, evidence-based teaching methods to our students.

Educators, parents, physicians, and psychologists frequently choose us to assist their own children and recommend us to clients.

Our Students:

  1. Learn how to win the “game” of being students.
  2. Gain the skills they need to succeed.
  3. Have fun and enjoy their learning.
  4. Become more efficient, effective, and organized.
  5. Achieve balance in their lives.
  6. Develop strategies to be life-long learners and productive citizens.

Our Exceptional Services Change Lives Every Day!

We are proud to lead the area in the quality of services we offer:

  1. Tutoring—one-on-one and small groups for all subjects from preschool to college
  2. SAT Prep—individual and small group sessions.
  3. Executive Functions Training - building the skills needed to be effective, efficient, organized, strategic, and successful students.
  4. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia treatments from educators who lead the area in their expertise, certifications, experiences, and available resources.
  5. Homeschooling options—from a half-day homeschool to add-on courses to individualized tutoring.
  6. Game Changers Program - intensive phonemic awareness and activities designed to:
        a. Decrease effects of dyslexia/reading difficulties
        b. Change the brains of preschoolers with family histories of reading difficulties
     (This is the specialized, early start that researchers feel these kids need but often do not get.)
  7. Integrated Therapies - Through our on-site Occupation Therapist, Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, and Educational Therapists, we provide comprehensive assessments and interventions for students.
  8. Summer Intensives - integrated therapies, continued half-day homeschooling, and specific skills classes. 
  9. Cognitive training--to build foundational brain skills necessary for efficient, effective learning.
  10. Kindergarten readiness testing and intervention.


For more information about Learning & Behavior Specialists, LLC, or to schedule your FREE consultation with us, please contact us at 540-389-ABCD (Roanoke/Salem area) and 434-534-1338 (Lynchburg/Forest area).


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